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My samsung LN A850 LCD tv had two dead pixels and I called PC Richard for service under my extended warranty. PC Richard sent a crew to pick up tv from my apartment, before I released the tv, I requested the crew make a notation on my receipt that there were not damage to tv.

One week later the tv was returned to me in working condition. One big problem, they had destroyed the bezzle of my touch of color. I am having problems with the service department for them to repair or replace my tv. I will never buy from that company now or in the future.

Not reliable.

Nasty customer service.

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P.C. Richard stands behind it's service.

If we damaged your television during service we will replace the damaged bezel or replace the TV if the part id unavailable.

I personally apologize for any inconvenience and invite you to contact me directly so I can assist you with this issue.

Please email me directly -


The comment by Jonathan is both inaccurate and slanderous. P.C.

Richard has a great relationship with all its vendors while enjoying unparalleled financial strength.

P.C. Richard employs its very own factory authorized appliance and electronics technicians as well as utilizing manufacturers'authorized service provided by third parties.


PC Richards is having serious cash flow problems!!! Almost all of their vendors have not been paid!!!

So, they try to find new vendors for services who will extend credit to them!! Not working, their reputation has gotten the best of them.

Also, other than TV's and vacuum's, Sears does all their service!!1 NEVER BUY FROM PC RICHARDS!!!

Sears does stand behind their work!!! and does give a full refund if under an extended warranty!!

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