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I went to pc richareds on queens boulevard, i walked around a bit looking, i was attempting to get the atention of a sales person and they took notice of me and then turned there heads as if i did not exsit. there were many foreign sales person and seems not one american.

i feel i was discrimated against.

and i will never shop at pc richards again, i went there because i had purchased items before and the african american gentlemen there were very helpful and i went back to buy a stero system for my tv. the gentlemen there where just rude.

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Anousha jaan, thanks for the great prargom, I know that you must have spent a lot of time on it.To our dear listeners: I appreciate it if you could give us feedback on each week's prargom and use this area for this purpose, so that we could deliver better prargoms of more interest to you.


If you had walked over to the salespeople, asked for help then were ignored I'd agree they were rude. Since you didn't do that perhaps they were lazy rather than rude or it just wasn't as apparent as you thought

that you needed help.

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