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Purchase $9000.00 of appliances for a new house and would never, never, never ,never buy from them again. The Electrolux microwave shorted out (4days old)and the service call was a nightmare.

The microwave had a bad component. We are waiting for a replacment (7days) and finding out that-They really suck at the service end of the business. So off we went paying someone to remove the microwave as per the service rep requested us to do. Finding out that it was not needed and that they would replace the product and install.

This entire event lasted 10 day and 7 hours of phone time.

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Unfortunately, we do not know who this customer is. If the customer would contact us at 631 777 4103.

we will rectify the situation to their satisfaction.

We do not make the product but will stand behind it and our service. We will make things right.

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