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I bought a washer/dryer at pc richards and son ,it was on sale i paid $1175.55 the includes five warranty,payments were made in instalments,because i couldn't afford to make the full payment.I went to pick it up and it they told me it was sold,but they can replace it with the exact one they call another location and they had it,they deliver iton 07/26/11.I was not at home when igot home it was the wrong one i call them and they refuse to come and get it.I am Mad and i can't use it i want what i paid for.

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I bough a washer and dryer. They said it will be deliver on Wednesday, today is Wednesday, no call no show.

So o called, they hung up on me after putting me on hold for 25 minutes, made multiple phone calls before they knew where my washer and dryer are.

Now they said it will arrived to their warehouse by next Tuesday, and estimate delivery is on Thursday, so 2 weeks to delivered? Bad experience, I will never buy anything there ever ever again.

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