I purchased an air conditioner at the Astoria store. When I told the salesperson that I needed delivery and installation, he said that the store didn't offer that.

I told him that I didn't know how to install it and he just shrugged. For delivery, he said that they only used an independent person and that he would call him, but couldn't tell me what it would cost. I told him several times that I needed someone to carry it to my apartment, up two flights, since it would have been impossible for me, and he said the guy would. A local guy showed up in a van.

When I asked him to carry it in for me, he said that he was 60 years old and couldn't do it, and that I should find some guy on the street who could do it for a few dollars. Then he dumped the box on the sidewalk and left. Luckily, the super came out and said he'd carry it in and install it.

I went back later to return the brackets that I had been convinced to buy and didn't need. I asked the salesperson who did the return why delivery and installation wasn't available there and he said it was.

He acted surprised when I said that it was what I was told, but didn't ask for any details. He only said to come back again for other purchases!

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Pc richard and son delivers installs and services everything sold. Installs range from 90 to 199 for ac units. Installation should have been offered although not possible for same day, perhaps thats why he gave you a local guy?

to food4thought Long Island City, New York, United States #701613

I didn't ask that it be installed or delivered that day, I would have been willing to wait. However, he told me that no delivery or installation was available at all, under any circumstances.

He didn't even recommend a local contractor for installation. The only local guy he called was the guy with the van, who left my air conditioner on the sidewalk. I called the store and customer service line, both were of no use.

I had to explain it to customer service about four times, she said someone would get back to me and never did. I made sure to go in that week and cancel that "service contract" that I was talked into taking.

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