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in january i lost my job call customer service spoke to a supervior we came to an agreement if i could pay x money over the phone them she could settle the balance @0 i did pay what she ask my bill came the next month with a balance and intrest charges i call to find out what was happening the told me the dont see the agreement in the comment section of the account i gave them her name they say they cant varify that person write letter to the address that i was given got response with a number which i called that supervisor come to tell me he cant do any thing for me i have to pay what is on the bill need some ans

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We do not know who this customer is but if they read this reply, they should be calling GE Money Bank at 1-877-800-4727 to try to resolve this issue. This really has nothing to do with PC Richard. If they would like to speak with one of our customer help representatives they should call 1-800-957-4530 and they can contact the bank on the customers behalf.


And you got the agreement in writing?

There is one born everyday!

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