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as of 11-22-13, pc richard and son has not contacted me. i was instructed by the better business bureau to take my issue up with the district manager, a mr.

brian quigley. the bbb has attempted to label my complaint resolved even though mr. quigley has yet to respond. i've taken my complaint to the department of consumer protection.

they have agreed to arbitrate my complaint, but pc richard need not comply as the arbitration is voluntary and it will take 45 days at least before any possible decision is reached.

i've also discovered that according to the hewlett packard web site, pc richard is not certified to effect repairs on their computers. this means using their service department, the only solution they offered, would render my warranty invalid.

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" If Opened And/Or Used, This Merchandise Is Non-Returnable and Not Sold On A Trial Basis; If any repairs are required, service will be done in accordance with the manufacturer's warranty.

This information appears only on the sales slip. It is not posted at all the registers, and the sales people do not inform you of the policy either. They do hard sell you to get you to take out a store charge and buy service plans and technical support, but even when they know full well the merchandise has to be removed from its packaging and plugged in to determine whether it's compatible, they don’t tell you the very act of seeing if the product works renders it non- returnable. In my case I was told to not only bring back the computer, but all the monitors (4) that wouldn't work with it for their service department to determine if there was indeed any problem. If they determined there was a problem, they would fix or replace the computer I had purchased. As they only carry computers from one manufacturer, and I currently had a computer from the same manufacturer purchased directly from the manufacturer, with the same issues, the last thing I would want is a replacement of merchandise from that manufacturer.

Other stores have return policies that allow 15 days, and actual trial of the merchandise. GO THERE!!! It's not like you are getting particularly knowledgeable sales help at P.C. Richard. You are getting nothing but sales people who will sell you the store if they can, inadequate customer service, and merchandise that at best may not suit your needs, at worst doesn't function properly, with no recourse. No one buys over $1000 in merchandise if they are informed that the very act of seeing if it works in a situation that has been thoroughly explain to the sales help will render their purchase non-refundable. Had I been informed I would have gone elsewhere, so would most people, and so should anyone considering a large or small purchase from P.C. Richard.

Monetary Loss: $1063.

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I agree with you. It is up to the attorney general to protect the consumer.

They emphase 30 days but then you find out that you cant return the item.

In our case it is a tv. Very, very wrong.


Consumers like you are the reason store policies are what they are. Once opened the item now used and can not be sold as new.

It is subjected to the possibility of damage, pieces being forgotten to be returned, bugs, dirt, pet hair and numerous other things. Stores don't want the merchandise back so if it was thoroughly explained as claimed you would have been informed of such. Research and ask questions to check compatibility. Why should the store lose money because you brought the wrong item.

Open a sales ad and see all the different manufacturers, guess you missed seeing the others while shopping. Not being certified to do repairs? Seriously a company that big would break policy and hope no one notices? Other stores do not give trial periods on this type of merchandise.

Can you imagine how many big screen TV's would be sold before Superbowl Sunday only to be returned on Monday? Oh and if you post someones name on the internet then post your name also.

to shakin my head atcha Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #1208637

WrongFkFace, PC Richards won't even take back a tv over 50 inches even if it's defective out of the box.

to Type O Negative #1278339

This is true. We just bought a tv and 10 days in the screen is going grey.

Its obviously a problem! Pc richards should send a tech to verify or just replace tbe tv.

No more shopping at pc richards. Ever.

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