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After 20 phone calls sending faxes to all PC Richard offices and get really tired.

I have to buy a new washer to resolve my problem people from PC Richard never contact me back.

Manager of Astoria PC Richard J...B bad bad employer and 0 education or modal.

The best services in appliances i had from Sears.

Also the Bosh people from the metro area and NJ services Flushing services the worst. They contact me two day after I install new washer and still keep the broken one because still no one contact me yet.

Will be my last time walking into PC Richard Astoria NY.

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i got delivering on today (04/10/2010) for my washer and dryer. the driver refused to remove all of the packing materials and asked for more tips( i already given $10) .

after the some conversation , they gave me the reason why they don't remove the materials caused of the tips.

on the paper didn't have any rule shown we must give TIPS ...


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