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I went into the Manchester store the the other day to purchase a new computer for myself. As I walked in I immediately noticed how unhappy all the employees were which was odd because of all the stores I have shopped in I have never seen people working there so unhappy looking. So I got to the laptop computers section and begin asking a sales associate a few questions. After looking around I selected a higher end Asus and a bag to go with it. I asked the sales guy to ring me out and he begins to take my info. He then insists on me buying some software (he mentioned it multiple other times before) called "Total Defense" I know better than to purchase the *** that stores sell and my suspicion about it sucking was confirmed when I quickly looked up reviews on my smartphone. Just FYI do NOT ever buy that software as it has some of THE WORST reviews I have ever seen and it seems that only PC Richard sells it which means they obviously get a massive amount of money for it. Anyways I tell the sales guy no and that I just want to buy my computer and leave. He asks me to hold on a second and he then goes off and brings back this pissed off looking Italian guy who I assume is the manager. They then both attempt to hard sell me into buying it! After saying no a few more times the manager guy walks away. So finally I'm ready to buy my stuff and leave right? NO WRONG! I guess since I have decent credit I was "pre-approved" for their store credit card. The only card I will ever use is my AMEX and I WILL NEVER sign up for a store card. I told the sales rep this and his face dropped. I mean it seemed like he just lost a family member or something. He told me he had to go get the manager to decline the card application and at that point I almost lost it. I started raising my voice and told him I just want to leave with my computer. He apologized and told me that he HAD to get the manager and it was a company rule and if he didn't he would get in trouble and possibly written up. I looked him in the eye and said "son I'm sorry you work for a company that treats its employees AND customers so poorly" I apologized for wasting his time and I promptly left. As I was leaving I saw that manager guy from before almost swooping down on that sales guy which told me that the poor guy was in for something bad.... I went across the street and bought my stuff at best buy and spent a little more. At the checkout they quickly asked if I wanted anything else or a best buy card and when I refused the guy said "OK no problem!" And promptly rang up my purchase.

I am praying for that poor sales team that works in that store and possibly the rest of the people working for that whole awful company. I understand times are tough and you need to maximize your stores profits but NOT at the cost of twisting the arms of your employees to breaking point. Or forcing things on your customers. THE HARDSELL DIED YEARS AGO PEOPLE! I shudder to think of the other *** those poor people have to endure working there. I will make sure to tell everyone I know never to support a company that treats their employees like trash and their customers too.


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Manchester, Connecticut, United States #1017509

I have had a nightmare of experiences at the manchester store!!! I will post my review later. The salesperson "hollywood" and the store Manager Carl are scammers!!!!!

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