On Monday 6/29/09 on my lunch break I went into The P C Richard & son at 120 East 14 st New York city to buy the Nikon L 100. Thay would not sell me the Nikon L 100 for the advertised price of $249.97.

As advertised on line & in the Sunday paper 6/28/09 AND ALSO in the store circular, The Manager told me it was not on sale in this store for that price, it was $269.97.

This is the second time I have tried to buy this item in this store with the same outcome I have had it P C Richard

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may 7th the store has changed

all the prices overinflated

0 help clrarance cost more than floor sale items of exact same quality?????????


your full of ***. no one believes ur lies.

im sure they would have budged 20 dollars.

quit your blood clot lying . just qquiitt it


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