Better background checks need to be conducted proir hiring....this employee needs to be reported: Employee,Raymond C Riddick dob 5/3/76 employeed by yoursupposed to trustworthy Co, should not be an employee. He is a driver/helper who works out of your corporate 150 priceway Farmingdale location.

He brags that your business establishment hired him after he lie on his application stating he never graduated HS nor obtained his GED! He stated that your co. is not careful when hiring employees. You can work here with having no education credientals.Just a D license needed!

Is this true?? he said he never completed education after the 7th grade! He is vert Rude admits he steals from your company,switching merchandise,using co truck that he operates for personal uses,to make$ on work hrs,bragging that he steals frim customers home when installing &delivering.ect.

Bad example for !! business & not a model employee

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The person who commented is from Texas, how do you know anything about the company employees. The original complaint sounds like a personal attack against the driver.

Criminals don't usually have such in depth conversations with customers and you seem to know a lot of information on this man. Relationship gone bad?

Aubrey, Texas, United States #755625

He should b fired &investegated! Most of there drivers&helpers r addicts &steal

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